SafeGuard Loyalty Programs

Retaining customers is a top priority for our vendor partners and so they enroll their customers into one of our programs which reward participants for continued loyalty over time.

Loyalty Cash Back Credits are awarded and accrued annually and can be redeemed towards available upgrades or additional purchases with the same vendor at any time, and at the halfway point of the loyalty program term, customers also have the option to redeem for cash immediately or continue to accrue credits up to a maximum of the original purchase amount by the end of the loyalty program term.

There are no complicated qualifying rules, our program simply promotes loyalty and rewards customers for continuing to maintain and utilize their lifestyle purchases, with flexible and valuable redemption options.

Enjoy A Better Lifestyle

SafeGuard Loyalty Programs are exclusively available through approved vendors. Our world-class loyalty cash back program enables purchasers to earn back up to 100% of their lifestyle purchase, subject to maintaining the membership, ownership, product or vendor relationship over a pre-determined period of time.

Our Loyalty Programs are available through select vendor partners that offer the following lifestyle purchases: