Leisure Real Estate

If you are purchasing any kind of fractional real estate or leisure vacation home with SafeGuard’s Loyalty Cash Back Program included then you have made a great choice, as not only will you benefit from the use of your new property, you also have the opportunity to receive up to 100% of your purchase price back with one of our speciality real estate programs.

With no complicated qualifying rules, our loyalty program is the perfect accompaniment to build even more value into your vacation home by mitigating some of the risks of market fluctuation by rewarding you for continued use.

Enjoy Even Better Ownership Value

Our Loyalty Cash Back Credits are awarded to you as you complete each year of active ownership.

Depending upon which of the program options are available through your realtor or resort community you will be able to accumulate these Loyalty Cash Back Credits with redemption options at certain timeframes up to a maximum of 100% of the initial purchase price while either still retaining ownership of the property; or after relinquishment of your vacation home as part of a pre-determined length of ownership.

SafeGuard Loyalty Program