Vacation SafeGuard Loyalty Program

If you are purchasing a vacation club or travel club membership with Vacation SafeGuard’s Loyalty Cash Back Program included then you have made a great choice, as not only will you benefit from discounted luxury vacations each year, you also have the opportunity to receive up to 100% of your membership fee back, just for staying loyal to your club!

With no complicated qualifying rules, our loyalty program is the perfect accompaniment to build even more value into your vacation membership.

Enjoy Even Better Vacation Value

Our Loyalty Cash Back Credits are awarded to you as you complete each year of active vacation membership.

These credits can be redeemed towards available membership upgrades with your club at any time from the very first year onwards, and any time after the halfway point of the loyalty program term, you will also have the option to redeem for cash up to a maximum of the original purchase amount by the end of the pre-determined loyalty program term.

Vacation SafeGuard Loyalty Program