SafeGuard Loyalty Program for Yacht Ownership

For yacht purchases we provide a guaranteed buy back option after a pre-determined period of time, or cash back towards a new yacht at any time when staying with the same yacht dealership or broker; thereby removing or reducing the depreciation of yacht ownership.

SafeGuard offers a guaranteed buy back option which allows a customer to enjoy the ownership of a yacht for a defined number of years, knowing that at the end SafeGuard will buy the yacht from them for 100% of the original purchase price (including the program fee).

If a customer wants to upgrade their yacht before the end of the term, they may surrender the buy back guarantee in favor of a loyalty credit from SafeGuard if the new vessel is purchased through the same yacht dealership or broker and includes a new loyalty program. By choosing this option, the customer benefits from both the Loyalty Credit and the trade-in value of the current yacht, making it easier to upgrade to a larger vessel.

This program boasts zero-risk and total flexibility, as a customer may also choose to opt out of the program where they keep the vessel and receive back 100% of their program fee.

Yacht Ownership

100% Guaranteed Buy Back With Early Opt-Out

Yacht Ownership

This Loyalty Program is offered as an optional add-on to a yacht purchase, where the purchaser pays the program fee directly to SafeGuard.

The program alleviates the concern of depreciation associated with yacht ownership, by providing customers with a guaranteed buy back option at 100% of the original sales price (including the SafeGuard fee) at the end of a pre-determined length of time, with the flexibility of two types of opt-outs.

While the guaranteed buy back is in place, Loyalty Credits are also accrued for each year of ownership that could be redeemed towards another yacht purchase instead of completing the full buy back term. Additionally, the customer can also simply opt-out of the program anytime after 25% of the program term has elapsed, retaining full ownership of the yacht and receiving back 100% of their loyalty program fee.

A customer may only choose one of the above options one-time per loyalty program.

Secure & Guaranteed Redemption

If a yacht owner completes the full term of the loyalty program, they transfer ownership of the yacht to SafeGuard in return for 100% of the original purchase price, and the program ends. Alternatively, if a customer purchases a new yacht from the same dealership or broker and uses the Loyalty Credits instead, the dealer will take care of everything as part of the new sale. Any redemption will signify the end of the loyalty program.

All SafeGuard Loyalty Programs are secured through an insured structured finance model that provides a pre-determined value after a pre-determined length of time, without the risk of market fluctuation. All applicable funds are held in trust and protected by A-grade specialist insurance to guarantee all qualifying payouts.

This structure ensures that the value of your Loyalty Program is secured separately so that in the unlikely event that anything happens to your yacht dealer, or even SafeGuard, that your accrued Loyalty Credits will still be redeemable through the trust up to the maximum agreed amount.

Secure & Guaranteed